THE MATH: (Moon + Cancer) OPPOSITE (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = People who belong

…Persephone Speaks…

"People who belong
to the Road, feel
safe tHere.  You aren't,

but keep the Air
filtered 'bout you
All the Time.

It is the Greatest
camouflage you have.
If you can neutralize

your fear, without becoming
the Fool, you are
difficult to discern

from the rest
of the glow, and you can go
where you want.

The people who can
See you, will want to
protect you, because they know

you're powerful, and hiding
at the same Time.
Lili calls it,

making yourSelves
Dusty -like a firefily
at Dusk, when

the purples bloom
into blue Light
and pickle in

a periwinkle pulsing
dream.  You are
as gentle as a Flame

and as fierce as One.
Do not ask me what
I mean.  Go out tHere.

Try to remember a Myth
of safety and freedom,
over and over

again, in a crumbling
that is not wrong,
but is certainly

with us.  Are you
or are you far

from Dirt?  A tumble
weed that roams
 the Middle

Earth?  No further
left to fall, do you
belong to it?  People

who belong to the Road,
find more
safety on the freeWay,

than the Garden."

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