THE MATH: (Moon + Leo) TRINE (Jupiter + Aries) = It’s not logic


"This is fun?  Isn't it?"
Jupiter asks Moonie,
"Learning what the Moon

feels like, with Jupiter drying
off?  This is our first tour
de zodiac, you know.

We have shifted over
a gear, into a new drive.
We have almost completed

our first loop, in
this Fire spiral, so that means
we can build empirically

from Here-"
"Jupey!" Moonie interrupts,
"You're in Aries, not

in Virgo.  Quit
nerding.  Feeling
is not so intellectual

"But Aries rules the head,"
Jupiter argues.

"It's like the third eye
pulsing uncontrollably kind of
head, or the flaming hair-doo

in some pigment
candy of the Day.
It is the bright smack of Sun

breaking through an iris
in a Lover's eye,"
Moonie tells hims,

"It is not logic."

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