THE MATH: (Athena + Uranus CONJUNCT Taurus) SEMISEXTILE (Chiron + Aries) = “Better make like bait,


Chiron calls Athena

from the Rainbow Bridge…

"You're late,"
Chiron begins.
Athena shrugs, "I told you

guys, there would be
lots, and lots of people
inland.  If you wanted me

to be on Time, everyone
should have left me
to mySelves, on the Island.

I've been busy.  Besides, I can't
take the booty, Now.
Uranus has been hunting me

for the last Day or so."
"How do you know?"
Chiron asks.

"I can hear him, tracking
me in the shadows
of the Forest,"

Athena says, as she looks
shiftily, at it's shady borders,
"He's waiting for the drop,

and then who knows
what he'll do with it.
You're stuck with the pot of shit

for a while longer, Chiron."
"I'm running out of blood,
Athena," Chiron tells her.

"So Keebir is still aLive?"
Athena asks him.
"For Now," Chiron calls back,

"But I am no longer
making any promises.
He's a fucking pain in my ass.

He sings all Night,
and when he sleeps, he's ten
Times heavier, and I can barely

drag the bowl of trinkets around,"
Chiron complains.  "He sounds
like Lilith," Athena says.

"I'm handing this off
one Way or another, Athena.
I don't care who takes it.

At this point, I'll give the shit
to Uranus," Chiron confesses.
"Don't do that!" Athena shrieks.

"Better make like bait,
and trap the Wily One, then,"

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