THE MATH: (Mercury + Taurus) SQUARE (Saturn Rx + Aquarius) = “The inner tends


Saturn calls Mercury…

"Why does no one
care, about me

stationing retrograde?"
Saturn whines.

"Everyone was focused,
on me, at the Time, stationing

direct," Mercury shrugs,
"The inner tends

to dominate the outer
experience, and you are

an outer planet."
"So everybody was too

Self absorbed, to notice,
is what you are

telling me," Saturn says,
without appreciation.

"The inner-we, prefer
to call ourSelves,

'personal planets', Time-Daddy,"
Mercury corrects him.

"It's bullshit," Saturn smacks
the revision a Way.

"You're just grumpy,
because you miss, V."

Mercury assesses,
"She's coming back, Saturn,

just not yet.  I've never
known you, to be impatient."

"Time just feels, Dusty,
without her,"  Saturn confesses.

"She's Great at cleaning the windows
to the Soul," Mercury nods,

"So you have lost
your sparkle.  If Time is

an illusion, Saturn,
imagine that she never left."

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