THE MATH: GRAND EARTH TRINE: (Moon + Virgo) TRINE (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) TRINE (Mercury + Taurus) = under a Christmas


The three convene, beneath a pine…

PLUTO: "When you want to
                hug your dad,
                but you don't."

MERC:  "When you want to
                go back,
                but you can't."

MOON: "When you want to
                look forward,
                but feel guilty."

PLUTO: "Guilt, like regret
                is a poison you
               must dispel yourSelves,"

MERC:  "-or it eats you
               aLive, and you
              do not embrace"

MOON: "-your gifts.
               You leave them
               wrapped up,"

PLUTO: "-like an orange,
               under a Christmas

MERC:  "And it withers.
               And it molds.
               And it's juice"

MOON:  "-is wasted.
               And you will
               regret it, and feel

PLUTO:  "-guilty.
                And the loop
                has no End."

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