THE MATH: (Vesta + Pisces) TRINE (Lilith + Cancer) = “Sounds Uranian,”


Lilith calls Vesta,

to distract herSelves,

inside Mars’ head…

"Whatcha reading
lately, V?" Lilith asks, 
"I'm taking a class

on, "The Origin
and Evolution of 'Field
Theory', by Joseph Cambray,"

Vesta tells her.
"Sounds Uranian,"
Lilith calls back.

"It is.  It is
also exactly what
I currently need, to flesh

out my Ever
-unfolding philosophy."
"How do you know?"

Lilith questions Vesta.
"Because the Dr. speaks
about what I am already

doing," V shrugs.
"Right.  Right..."
Lilith trails, "So,

that's like, a Sign
Now, or something?"
"It seems to be

an indicator of Destiny,
according to the data
we collected in Court,"

V shrugs, "I don't know
how to talk about what I am
doing yet, but Dr.

Cambray keeps mentioning,
'The Re-Enchantment
of the World,' and I know

I'm doing that.  He also
spoke about telepathy,
and spooky action

at a distance.  I am also
lucky, I'm not behind
the rest of the doctors

in class, because I've
already read the Red
Book, and that lecture

is up next.  But you know,
I had never seen Jung's
drawings, before yesterday?

I had only listened to his Word.
The illuminations remind me, 
of your circles, Lilitu.

The Dr. also mentions, 'mythologizing
science', and I know I am
doing that," Vesta stops.

"What's it like, sipping sweat
from the scholars' necks?"
Lilith leans in, "Is it

like drinking blood
at the Well?"  "No,"
Vesta shakes her head,

"The culture is different.
The majority are decades beyond
my years, and very polite.

The men ask fawning
questions, and the women
ask argumentative ones.

Everybody wants to sound Well
-educated, and they are
stiff with it.

At the Well, we are having
more than one conversation
at the same Time.  There is

a lecture, and there is the chat
box.  Not everyone reads the chat,
but I tend to it, like a troll

under a bridge.  This class,
is not about the hive
on the call, although it is

about the HIVEMIND."
"So which one do you
prefer?" Lilith asks her.

"Comparison, is an unnecessary
Death, to individual
value, Lilikoi."


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