THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) TRINE (Vesta + Aquarius) = and its twinklings


Lilith appears, at Sunny’s set,

as batwoman. She crouches

at Vesta’s bedroom window,

booming, “Boo! Bitch!”

Vesta, struck awake
like a match sparked
in fear, asks Lilith

as kindly as the GXDZ allow,
"What the actual fuck,
Kirby? Has the theme changed?"

"What? No," Lilith cringes,
disgusted, "This is
my Selkie-Penguin uniform.  Duh.

It counts, as Water
World."  "-You mean costume,"
Vesta sits up in bed.

Lilith ignores her,
and balances low,
soliloquizing on the sill,

gazing at a city skyline.
"-You mean costume,"
Vesta interrupts her

brooding.  Lilith ignores her,
and notices as Earth
turns a Way from the Sun, 
up from beneath
the pavement:
"The fastest Way

to the Heart, is to make
Lights of yourSelves.  It is

somehow different, to be
the One who Sees

it.  A Power in
the Play of Light.

You let yourSelves be Dark.
-A shadow on the forest floor,

who grows the-larger
as the Sun

sets, secret.  Yet still
she is not Seen."

And then Lili whippers,
as a ripple on the breeze,
through V's bedroom

curtains... "Well," V sighs,
"Out with it.  I am glad
she took her freedom..."

V rolls over, and the city puffs,
and she listens, as she lays
still -Eyes wide

to the Surrounding
Darkness, in the twinkling

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