THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Mars + Aries) = “I am trying my best


Mars calls Lilith, as she

prowls the Night…

"Where are you?"  Mars asks.
Lilith begins, in
her bat-woman whisper,

"I am in every shadow.
I lurk, at the edges
of a ring of Flame-"

"Lilith, cut the shit,
you left your e-mail Here,
and Handiboi is blowing up

my brain," Mars interrupts
holding his headache.  Lilith shrugs,
"Yeah, he's been doing that

lately.  He thinks I am
possessed by a demon,
and he hopes to exercise

his care for me, by flooding
my inbox with sermons,
on Youtube."

"And what do you think?"
Mars calls back to her.
"I am trying my best

not to sacrifice him
to the Internet, but alas,
Here I am, doing

my daimonic thing.
I think Handiboi is possessed
by the Spirits he drinks, every Day."

"Stop responding," Mars orders.
"I'm trying," Lilith pleads,
"But like I said,

I'm a daimon."
"So you are possessed?"
Mars asks her.

"Not exactly," Lilith corrects,
"I take possession.
I'm the scariest driving

force we've got in Here,
of that I am certain.
If we lived in a different era,

Handiboi would probably burn me
at the stake, because
I don't want to fuck him.

He vacillates, between
telling me he wants to
marry me,

and telling me I am pure
"If it is a reflection

of anything, it is
the War Within
himSelves, Lilitu.

You know it Well.  Did you not
love and loath, Lucifer, until
you found the Ocean

Door?  Just stop calling
back to him,"
Mars councils.

"I only respond, to like,
every 50th one-liner,"
Lilith argues.  "You know,

Vesta stopped playing with Andy,
and it seems to be helping her
focus," Mars adds.

Lilith sighs, "Yeah, but
Andy, is not in her inbox.
He has his own place

to make his sacrifices.
He doesn't try to bury them
in my character."

"You should teach the HandiOne
the trick," Mars suggests.
"Which trick?"  Lilith asks.

"The one where you speak
aloud to the Dust, 'The Light
of GXDZ never fails'.  You believe

you are protected, and tHerefor,
'Nothing worth possessing, can be
quite possessed,' as Sara Teasdale says.

It might help him, with his sleep
paralysis."  "I don't want to help
him," Lilith says, "He is a pain

in my fucking ass."  "Well,
I do," Mars declares, "So take notes,
Handi-Hyde.  Call out

to your GXD.  I do not
care, the name you choose.
Believe you are 

and your mind
will obey you."

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