THE MATH: (Mars + Chiron CONJUNCT Aries) = I can trust you?”


Mars runs into Chiron,

on the Rainbow Bridge…

 "Give me the pot," Mars decides,
holding out his hands.
"I'm waiting

for Athena," Chiron responds,
clutching it closer.
"Bro, Athena has come

and gone.  She does not
want it," Mars protests.
"How do I know

I can trust you?"
Chiron tests him.
"I've got All

the nymphs, stuck
in my head, because
fucking Lilith left them

Here.  The pot of shit,
is as much mine,
as theirs," Mars proclaims.

"Prove it," Chiron fixes him
with a penetrating stare.
"How the fuck do I do

that?" Mars asks.
"I dunno," Chiron shrugs,
"Speak me something only

a nymph would know."
Mars closes his eyes,
and lets his mind go

Dark.  And after a few
deep breaths, the Word
starts to run...

…Mars channels a GXD…

"Light does not watch
Darkness, waiting
for it to fail.

Love does not take
joy in causing
another pain.

Not everything is Love.
Some stories are Dark,
and without a happy

ending.  They prefer
themSelves this Way.
Seek not the Pain

That Never Leaves.
Make peace with the Wound
That Never Closes.

Have faith in the Space
you hold within
the World.  It bleeds

Light, and so it is
a Well.  And Wells can
Water Worlds,  for All

of Time..."
Chiron stares at Mars
for a moment, and then
he blinks, "Who wrote that?"

Mars shrugs, "It's in
The Book of Magma."
"I haven't heard of that

One," Chiron calls.  
Mars nods back, looking
harrowed, from

the exertion, "It's buried
deep in the Vault." "Good
enough for me," Chiron shrugs,

"Here.  Take it,
sucker."  He hands
Mars the pot,

and zips a Way.

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