THE MATH: (Saturn Rx + Aquarius) SEMISEXTILE (Neptune + Pisces) = the Kids call me, junior


Saturn calls his son,

from the Courthouse…

"It's troubling to be
stuck in a T-

square with Fate
and Destiny,"  Saturn enters.

"Sounds like Karma
is getting square with you,

Time-Daddy," Neptune proposes,
"Pacing your parameters, unsure

of what to do..." Neptune adds
with a flourish, as he walks

the borders of his own cube.
"Don't call me what

the Kids call me, junior,
it's weird.  It feels like I

cannot control what comes
next," Saturn confesses.  "Yes,"

Neptune agrees, "You are
reaping the effects

of whatever cause
you think you fight for.

Goodbye, Saniaschara,"
"Not that name," Saturn argues,

"You appear to be moving even
more slowly than me, 'Tune."  "You are 

awfully particular, aren't you
Kronos?  May your accumulated

actions serve
you Well, Father."


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