THE MATH: (Vesta + Pisces) SEMISEXTILE (Jupiter + Aries) = the witches, and the ‘real’ world


…Jupiter calls Vesta…

 "Where ya been, V?
When you don't write,
I'm not sure if you exist,"

Jupiter tells her.  V coughs,
"The witches were All
like, 'The Full Moon is a fever

dream.'  And then I got a fever,
and woke up 5 minutes late
for class, and Dr. Cambray

was all like, 'Jung had a fever
dream,' and showed us
an image he made during it,

of a glowing orb, above a tree
that looks like the H1N1 virus,
according to Cambray's interpretation."

"So you've got COVID?"
"No, but I have
not left my bed in some days.

Apparently the fever is, 'In
the Field,' as the scholars say.
"Its funny how the scholars give

psychic things, science-y
explanations," Jupiter muses.
"Yeah, it's kind of like they're learning

to write, before they can speak
-As if they are reviving
a dead language that is not dead

at All.  It feels over-complicated."
"...You don't find your equations
to be over-complicated, V?"

Jupiter challenges.  V considers it,
"They make sense to the witches,"
she shrugs, "I'm not knocking

the doctors.  They do their part
to bridge the gap between
the witches, and the 'real' world,

and I do mine.
Dr. Cambray says, he's too old,
but we need modern documentation

of altered states of consciousness,
like the Upanishads give us," Vesta says.
"And what do you think, V?"

Jupiter asks her.  "It's hard to think
when I feel like shit," V shrugs, "but
I think I might already be doing something

like that, with the Forest Books."

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