THE MATH: (True Lilith + Sun CONJUNCT Gemini) = And it’s cute Here.


Sun sips a spritzer

as Lilith prepares ‘Rage

for the Road…

"Why don't you become
one of those chicks
who instagrams their whole

adventure, Lilikoi?" Sunny asks,
"It'd be hot.  I bet
you'd get a lot of followers."

Lilith wrinkles her nose,
"Because Vesta blogs
about our whole

adventure.  And I do
not actually want anyone
to know where I am."

"Why not?  The spotLight
is warming, every once
in a while," Sunny tells her.

"Because I like the cold, Sunny.
And I'm not a fucking idiot.
We've talked about this.

I don't want the World
to know where I am.
You travel the boondocks long

enough, you begin to recognize
your fellow hermit crabs,
and that's enough fame

for 'Rage and me.
We keep to the black
as much as we can."

…Lilith soliloquizes…

1/8/21 Transit:
True Lilith CONJUNCT Native Vesta in Gemini = 
I am back on my Moon

line.  I couldn't help it.
I was driving over to Venus,
but I just kind of got sucked

back in.  I need to be 
with the Earth, but have access
to the interwebs, and

I got tired of driving, so Here I am.
This Time, the Desert is full
of lots of people.  I try to resist

the urge to go all the Way a Way.
I know I need them, even if
it's just a smile in the Day.

And it's cute Here.
There are AFAB, wandering
around, like little packs

of hermit crabs, admiring
the uniqueness of each-other's
shells.  Some want less,

or more than what they have,
and others are content.  I am 
of the contented variety, although

I do wish I picked up an extra
bag of ice, before I drove in.
I am forcing mySelves to stay

put Here, as long as I can.
My Goldilocks tendency, is less rooted
in wishing I had something else,

and more rooted in the illusion
that there is a 'right' place to be.
Right Now, it really doesn't matter

where I am.  The urgency will be
more potently directed, if I can
stop my wandering, and focus

on going in."

"...So why are you setting out
to wander again, if it is All
an illusion?" Sunny questions.

"so I can find somewHere to stand
still, while being a little
closer to the Dirt,"

Lilith shrugs, "I am not ready,
to live in a house again,"
Sunny burst out laughing.

"What?" Lilith looks up.
"You're just fucking weird,"
Sunny smiles.

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