THE MATH: (Vesta + Pisces) SEMISEXTILE (Jupiter + Aries) = and starDust. That’s what


Jupiter stands in

as V’s sounding board,

since she still can’t reach


"Handi-hyde has an ethical issue
with the Way I make a living.
He says, I'm selling spirituality,

by reading astrology
and I should be ashamed 
of mySelves," Vesta begins.

"Handi-hyde is coming after you,
too, Now?" Jupiter asks her.
"Yeah," V sighs, "Ever since Lilith left

her e-mail in Mars' head."
"And what do you think of his
condemnation?" Jupiter questions.

"I think, I could do worse," V proposes,
"I could be selling my art."
"Whats wrong with that?"

"Nothing," V explains,
"for a lot of people,
but for me,

it has negative side effects."
"Like what?" Jupiter asks.
"Like the loss of my soul

to consumerism,"
Vesta says.
"Fair enough," Jupiter nods,

"So reading astrology is
the lesser evil?"
"I'm just doing what I Love,

Jupey," Vesta shrugs, 
"It's like breathing, but with gills.
You know, psychologists study astrology?

I meet them at the Well.
When I'm lucky, I tutor them,
and I tell them how I wish

I had their background."
"You could go get a degree..."
Jupiter trails.

"Yeah, but then I'd have to study
what other people tell me to, 
and accumulate debt.

I wouldn't last.  It would be
like the whole Mythology
PhD thing.  I'd be stuck reading

the Iliad and Beowulf, and
writing things I don't want to,"
Vesta crosses her arms, stubbornly.

"Solid foundations are important,"
Jupiter argues.  "I'm staying
in my lane, Jupey," V returns.

"No you're not.  Have you seen
your book list?  Today, you purchased
a lecture on, 'The Alchemy of Psychology'

by James Hillman.  Last month it was
'The Tao of Physics' by Fritjof Capra.
Yesterday you were reading, 'The Way

of Myth' by Joseph Campbell.
And lately you fall asleep snuggling
 'War Queens,' by Jonathan W. Jordan.

"My lane is broad," Vesta shrugs,
"I'm the much despised 'generalist'."
"Well what are you doing with all of it?"

"It All makes me better
at what I'm doing,"
Vesta explains.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm steeping in Myth, and metaphor,
and starDust.  That's what

people come to me for.
I am not a fortune teller,
I just speak to what I See

showing up in the Field.
I describe what it might feel like,
and ask the Querent questions.

The more poetry I write, the better
of an astrologer I become.
I'm not selling spirituality,

I'm just speaking in tongues."

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