THE MATH: (Vesta + Moon CONJUNCT Pisces) = who be going thru it.


Vesta and Moonie look

at Saturn’s birth chart…

"You should warn him,"
Moonie says.  Vesta shakes
her head, "That's not

the point, of a Uranus
transit. "  "Yeah, but V..."
Moonie trails.  "He's probably

not even listening," Vesta shrugs.
"He's listening," Moonie assures
her.  "There's Nothing to say,"

Vesta looks a Way,
"You can't predict a Uranus
transit, and it's rude

to give out unsolicited fortune
cookies.  What would I
even tell him?"  Moonie

blinks at her.  "I dunno,
like, 'Hi, on August 1, Mars,
Uranus AND Destiny

will be conjunct your natal
Chiron.'  Just facts.
Plain and simple."

"He won't understand.
He's not all stacked up
with association," Vesta protests.

Moonie shrugs, "It's a pain
portal."  "I would prefer
to call it, a Crack

wHere the Light gets in,"
Vesta says, daintily.
"So say that," Moonie sighs

exasperatedly, "Not just
for him, but for All
the early 40 somethings,

who be going thru it.
It's exciting!  What a shock!
So meant for you.

Shake out your body."
"What if it's not, like,
traumatizing?" Vesta asks.

"It very Well may not
be," Moonie nods,
"but with Uranus,

you never know what
you'll find at the Point
of Mild Discomfort,

turning the lock
to your Heart,
with the perfect

amount of pressure."

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