THE MATH: (Sun + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = gnawing emptiness


Pluto calls Sunny…

"Hey," Pluto says.
"Hey," Sunny sighs.
"What's up?" Pluto asks.

"Oh, Nothing,
just feeling this
gnawing emptiness

inside, that does not
go a Way," Sunny says.
"I thought that was

my job?" Pluto asks him.
"Can't you feel it?" Sunny
asks him, "It's almost

summerTime sad-girl season.
Put on your best pout.
Turn the AC up,

All the Way, and
crawl under that duvet.
I enter Cancer tomorrow."

"That sounds like
my worst fucking
nightmare," Pluto says.

"Yes!" Sunny exclaims
Melodrama. I Love it.
You are already in

character,"  "Why do we
have to be sad girls?"
Pluto asks him.

"In Cancer we're All
ruled by the Moon,
and emotions, and stuff,"

Sunny shrugs.
"I don't know
if that's going to work

for me..." Pluto argues.
"You can try  to fight it
if you want to," Sunny tells

him, "But an under
tow, is an under
tow.  From Here,

the Light will only
diminish, daily.  It's faster
not to resist it."

"What's faster?"
Pluto asks him.
Sunny blinks, "The part

where you drown
and pop out
the other side again."

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