THE MATH: (Venus ENTERS Gemini) = often, do you go tHere?


…Venus Speaks

as she walks along the Nile…

"What do you do
in this World,

because you Love it?
How does the Wind

blow through your hair?
What is meant only

to feed your Soul, yet
overflows, into untold

floodWays?  How do you
weave, if you do not

play?  It can be
a challenge, to consolidate

the whispers on the breeze.
The stream is

alWays flowing, but how
often, do you go tHere?

Go tHere.  -Especially
when you have Nothing.

A spark already waits.
Strike your Heart against

your nature, like flint
to stone.  Skip,

like a rock on Water, as you
hop across a strong current."

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