THE MATH: (Pluto + Capricorn) TRINE (Athena + Taurus) = Athena shrugs, “You lose


…Pluto calls Athena…

"Teenie, I'm concerned.
The Dr. says, you
have not been attending

therapy?" Pluto asks her.
Athena shrugs, "You lose
the Black Moon Kirby,

you lose the Game.
The Lil be loosed, upon
the Earth."  "Don't you

witches have like, 9 lives,
or something?"  Pluto asks.
"Heck, yes I can!" Athena

exclaims, "So WHY,
would I begin my life
in captivity, to start again?"

"So you See
therapy, as captivity..."
Pluto trails, as he takes

a note.  "I am a Knight,
Pluto,"  Athena thrashes,
"A young Prince, ready

to become a King, but
I'm still a whiny baby.
I can't just sit around

while the Dr. tells me
I'm unique.  I've got nymphs
to make safe, as I quest

after something, I've never
actually Seen before,"
Athena states, as she

puts her hands on her hips.
"Sounds like you have a GXD
complex.  You might

consider, finding a playmate
Athena," Pluto suggests.
"Eww, Pluto," Athena scoffs.

"What?" He asks.
"Don't be vague,
its creepy," Athena

hangs up.  "Fuggin'
pent-up Selkie
-penguin," Pluto whispers

to the dead line.

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