THE MATH: (Sun + Mean Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) SQUARE (Jupiter + Aries) = by the wave? Are you Rage


Lilith speaks

to herSelves…

"The right not to
have a child,
slowly slips

a Way.  Numb
today.  Are you
numb today?  Or

are you beat down
by the wave?  Are you Rage
herSelf?  'Be

celibate, you witch!
That's the Way to be
responsible -or take

artificial hormones, you cow,
if you never want to
grow and raise a child!'  

How blasphemous,
to never do the Magick
trick, a bleeding womb is

built to do.  How can you
resist?  I Love my nephews,
and I hope there is a World

left for them to grow
into.   I will try to keep
growing that World,

as long as I do
not get pregnant, and 
the government forces

my body to make
the decision their GXDZ 
decree, I am meant to."

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