THE MATH: (Moon + Mercury CONJUNCT Gemini) = probably out gathering


Moonie and Mercury

check the Whether…

"There are some interesting
aspects, coming our Way..."
Mercury trails, as he collects

the data.  "Like what?"
Moonie asks, looking over his
shoulder, "Interesting, is a garbage

Word."  "Like the Mean
Lilith, conjunct the New
Moon, trine Vesta..."

Mercury trails, as he zips
two days forward,
in the ephemeris.

"So you're telling me
I'm involved?"  Moonie asks.
"You're alWays involved,

Moonie," Mercury sighs,
"It's the nymphs
I'm worried about.

They're fuckin' pissed,
and Lilith is loose.
She might be multiplying."

"Lilith isn't interested
in reproducing, Mercury,"
Moonie chides,

"And she isn't alWays
a tyrant.  She mostly just
wants to be with

the Earth, and have a rite
to make choices for her own
body.  She is like

a temperamental mother
goose, and she tends
to be quite nurturing.

Just don't fuck with her,
or she will defend
herSelves."  "They say

the gentlest people
in the World,
have the darkest

shadows..." Mercury begins
a ghost story.  "Maybe,"
Moonie shrugs it off,

"But Lilith has never
pretended to
have anything different." 

"Where do you
think she is?" Mercury asks
the Moon, "What do you

think she's doing?"
"It is best not to try
to predict what Lilith

will do, Mercury.  There are two
of her: the Mean and the True,"
Moonie pats him on the shoulder,

"Please stop furrowing
your brow, your anxiety
is contagious.  If V is forming

a harmonic with her, they are
probably out gathering
some myth ingredients..."

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