THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) TRINE (Vesta + Pisces) = in a spacious, echoing


Vesta is back

on her bed, arms crossed

like a Pharaoh again…

"V!" Lilith busts into her
bedroom, "What are you
doing?"  Vesta opens

one eye.  "I asked
to be taken
to the Water

Temple, this evening,"
she says, as she gestures
at a piece of paper

on the bedside table
"Like the Legend of the Hidden
Temple Water World Edition,

Water Temple?" Lilith asks,
picking it up, "What are these other
questions?" Lilith continues

as she points to the scribbles.
"Yes the LHT:WWE Water Temple,"
V says, "And those are queries

my psyche, apparently,
has no desire to answer.
I ask a new one, every

night.  They call it,
'incubating a dream.'"
"'Take me to the Water

Temple,' sounds more
like a demand, than
a query," Lilith offers.

Vesta sighs, "I'm working with 
what I got.  The Water
Temple, was the most

recent dream I can
remember.  The dreamer
in me, seems to be

uncooperative, so
I'm trying a new
strategy."  "Don't you think

it's kind of funny
you dream all day,
and can't remember

the ones from your sleep?"
Lilith wonders.  "No, I think
it's annoying," Vesta answers.

"What's the Water Temple
like, anyWay?" Lilith changes
the subject.

"I only have very
minimal data,
at the moment,

that's why I'm asking
to go back.  But per
usual, YOU, are

getting in my Way,"
Vesta bites.
"Tell me a secret

from the Temple,
and I'll leave,"
Lilith bargains.

"There was Water
pouring out from the mouths
of carved creatures

at the tops of ornate pillars
 in a spacious, echoing
chamber.  You could hear

only Water, falling as you
walked, wading through
the great rooms.

But I flapped and floated,
around, through
the Air, like a Selkie

-Penguin Kirby does.  I spied
on a group of scholars
in a cavernous chamber,

from the top of a Waterfall,
cascading down a staircase,"
Vesta drifts in the description.

"Sweet," Lilith says.
"I know," Vesta sighs, "And
I'd really like to go back,

if you don't mind..."
"Okay, okay.  Heard.
Bye," Lilith says, as she

closes the door.  Five
seconds later, she opens
it again.  "Lilith!" Vesta yells

in exasperation.  "Sorry!"
Lilith calls, "I'm not sorry.
I was just wondering, OH WHY

are you interested in dreams
suddenly, when you can
just imagine things?"

"Mercury read me 
his dream journal,
and it got me thinking...

It might be helpful, to be Well
rounded, and learn
a new Way to walk

in the Dark," Vesta shrugs,
"Now go a Way."  "Fine,"
Lilith closes the door behind her.

Quietly, Lilith tapes
a sign to the outside.
It reads:  'Selkie Penguins Only'.

"For protection," Lilith whispers.

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