THE MATH: (Juno + Astraea CONJUNCT Pisces) = -at-a-Time’ Philosophy


Astraea and Arachne float on

an ice-cube in the Dreaming

Sea. Astraea speaks.

Arachne listens…

"Grandmother asks me, 
'When are you

coming home?' And I tell her
that I'm not.  'One Day,' she says,

'I was overcome with grief,
after the Death of Grandfather.

I was given a Symbol,
from the Spirit.  It was my Mother,

darning socks, patiently, painstakingly 
weaving back and forth,

because we couldn't afford new ones.
It was a labor of Love.  I knew

the Symbol was asking me
to adopt a 'One-stitch

-at-a-Time' philosophy 
to repair my broken Heart.'"

Arachne smiles, "That sounds
like a Selkie-Penguin thing."

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