THE MATH: (Neptune + Pisces STATIONS Retrograde) = “I like your cube,”


Neptune bumps ice-cubes

with Arachne and Astraea…

 "Ladies!" Neptune jumps
up from a Dream, "Climb aboard!"
He exclaims, gesturing
at his ice-throne.

Astraea makes to hop across
the gap, but Arachne
put her hand out, "No,
thanks.  We're good."

"I like your cube,"
Neptune flatters, ignoring the slight,
"So sleek.  Who made it?"
"It's Teenie's," Astraea says,

pointing to the Symbol
of the gorgon head, carved in
the center,  "Finally!" Neptune beams,
but his smile falls

just as quickly,  "I thought
there would be more of you..."
Arachne shrugs,  "There might be

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