THE MATH: (Mars ENTERS Taurus) SEMISEXTILE (Athena ENTERS Gemini) = the fuck up, will be


Athena faceTimes Mars, as she

stares at a heap of braid

that was once a rug…

"Don't do it, Athena."
Mars says as Athena
plays with the spark
of her Lighter.  "It's All

rags," Athena shrugs,
"It lacks utility.  It's taking
up space."  "But it is
the Original!" Mars calls

back to her.  "Then,
the alchemy of burning it
the fuck up, will be
potent,"  Athena's eyes

go wild, and fill with Flame.
"Athena, you've entered
Gemini, you're becoming
glib and irreverent.

You don't mean it.  That shit
is hand-stitched," Mars attempts
to reason.  "Don't tell me how I feel
Mars!  YOU have entered Taurus.

You're becoming bad at letting
go of things,"  Athena snaps
back at him, "You know
I don't like it, when objects

don't have use.  It's like
carrying around a baby
blanket, that has been
ripped to shreds."  "You

could repair it,"  Mars suggests.
"And do what with it?"
Athena asks.
"Place the Labyrinth

somewHere you can See it
in your next home,"
Mars imagines.  "It creeps me
out.  All pastel, and washed

out, like a suppressed little AFAB's 
bedroom," Athena wrinkles
her nose.  "Good point,"
Mars agrees.

"See!"  Athena shouts.
"But it's the First
Island," Mars whines.
"Mars.  Let it go."

"It's a relic!"  "We All
die," Athena crosses
her arms.  "No,
I don't..." Mars trails,

confusedly, "...Fine.  Do
what you want, Athena,
but take your Time with it,
if you're going to perform

a Magick trick."  "I'll do
whatever I want, Mars,"
Athena spits,  "I still have not
forgiven you, for stealing 

my fucking dingy."
"I'm carrying this heavy fucking pot
of shit, and feeding your
stupid leprechaun my own blood!

What else do I need to do
to return to the good
grace of the GXDXSS?"  Mars protests.
Athena shrugs, "Stop whining."


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