THE MATH: (True Lilith + Cancer) OPPOSITE (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = regulated.”


Lilith leaves

Pluto a message…

"Lately, people have been
telling me they don't want to
Live.  'If I was going to kill
mySelf, I'd do it Now, but

I know the GXDZ will send me
right back in,' One says.  No body
actually wants to fake something
else, when they feel

suicidal.  'I just needed to
sit Here, with someOne
at rock bottom, and let it be
OK,' One says.  There is Nothing

to fix, besides a lack
of Witness.  A need to just be
Seen and heard, saying it, 'Yes.
I want to throw everything

I have ever known
a Way, in this moment.'
Once I hucked my Life
to the wolves, and lived

through it.  I renounced
everything I ever Loved,
in an effort to destroy what
about mySelves I did not like.

'Remember,'  I ask One, 'When
I  used to take our calls
from the Desert?  It was you
who held my hand, across

the Aethers.'  One
laughs, 'Yes.'  We smile,
and we both feel

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