THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Mercury CONJUNCT Cancer) SEMISEXTILE (Athena + Gemini) = as Kama’aina. I remember


“Mercury!” Lilith exclaims, “Patch me through to Athena, she needs my council.” “I doubt that,” Mercury says, “But fine…”

"So I hear you want to be
a pyromaniac!" Lilith begins.
"That's an exaggeration,"
Athena protests.

"Maybe it is,
right Now, but once
you pop (and spark),
the fun don't stop,

as the Pringles people say,"
Lilith answers, "So how
do you want to commit
your crime?"

"I'd like to burn
as kindly as the GXDZ
allow, if possible,"
Athena says.

"BORING," Lilith snores, 
"But you can try."
"Do you ever
regret it, when you burn

the things you've made, Lili?"
Athena asks, sincerely.
"Only the first Time,"
Lilith shrugs, "When I set Fire

to All my childhood
diaries."  "Why?"  Athena
questions.  "Because after that,
I forgot what happened, and I 

had no clues, to guide me.
I had to start over," Lilith explains.
"So you alchemized amnesia?"
Athena wonders.  "Be careful,

what you wish for,"
Lilith sighs, "Out of sight,
out of mind, as they say."
"Who says?  The Pringles people?"

Athena demands.  Lilith waves
her a Way, "The trick
is to remember, or rewire
your brain.  Just because

you make an event
disappear, does not mean
it didn't happen.  The object
is not the solution."

"OK..." Athena trails.
"Once, I hitch-hiked
to the Paleaku Peace
Gardens, in Hawaii," Lilith tells

a story, "I was sad as shit
that Day, amongst the beauty.
The locals must have known,
because they let me pass

as Kama'Aina.  I remember,
they contained
a Buddhist sand mandala,
made by monks, near

the entrance, under
Plexiglas.  And I thought
to mySelves, that is 
not the point

of impermanence.
How very against
the grain, of the intention
of the art form."

"What's your point, caller?"
Athena is getting bored.
"What was the intention
of your art form?"

Lilith asks Athena.
"I needed something
to revolve around,"
Athena says softly.

"And do you
need it, anymore?"
Lilith asks in a whisper.
Athena pauses, "No."

"So burn it,
little Wanderer,
but remember what
you've learned."

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