THE MATH: GRAND WATER TRINE: (Vesta STATIONS Rx Pisces + Mercury Cancer + Moon Scorpio) = we make this ish up


Vesta, Mercury, and the Moon meet up at the Bermuda Triangle…

 They swim up to a stony island,
from the Three Corners of the Sea,
and find a cross, wedged in
the rocks...

"I thought the Ever Waving Cross
was in the Desert..." Mercury wonders
as he studies it.

"The Ever Waving Cross,
is wHerever you are in
the moment, Mercury,"

Vesta explains, "This One
is more like a monument
Beings visit, on pilgrimage."

"...So, what are the customs,
and rituals?"  Moonie asks. Vesta
refers to the books, "Historically

speaking, we See
how many Stories we can hold."
"That sounds dangerous,"

Mercury worries.  Vesta nods,
"Could be.  We could lose
track of Time, and be stuck

Here, for Eternity," Vesta whispers,
as she stares at the cross, solemnly.
Mercury snaps his fingers

in front of her face.  "I
would rather not.  I'm moving
fast these Days, so

let's make it quick, shall we?"
"Make what quick?"
Moonie asks him.

"The rituals, and what not,"
Mercury shrugs.  Moonie furrows,
"You can't force the Husk

of Faith to grow, Mercury."
He ignores her, "So what
do the books say, V?"

"There's really not much
to go on..." Vesta trails
as she reads,

"tHere's is no real
guidance.  The book just says,

"What the fuck
does that mean?" Mercury
begins to brood. 

"It means,
we make this Ish up
as we go," Vesta tells him.

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