THE MATH: Mean Lilith ENTERS GRAND WATER TRINE = attached, to my ugly


Lilith comes motoring up to

the edges of the Bermuda

Triangle, in Road Rage the Duck

Boat. She hops out, and runs

towards the Ever

Waving Cross Convergence…

"I made you a thing,"
Lilith pants, holding
up an offering, to Vesta.

Moonie's eyes cloud over,
"It looks, pretty weird..."
she trails.  "I was using

what I had," Lilith snaps.
"What did you have?" Vesta asks,
and she palms the floppy

board-like object, in her hand.
"A box, from 2013,
that held a graduation

present, from the poet
geologist, I was dating.
It was a Swiss

Army Knife, but a 'special
edition', with a Chimera
on it.  I felt Seen.

That Summer, I used the knife
to whittle a branch into a staff
with a bird, cawing at the top-

feathers plumed, to tell
the Story of Passeridae around
the campFire.  The knife

is lost, but the box
lived on,  converted
to the Keeper of my favorite

deck of Tarot cards, in 2015.
In 2017 I slapped a Spock
sticker on it, I found in

a coffee shop, cleaning up.
And tHere the cards have rested
until Now, as the box breaks

into the parts of its sum, so
I converted it again, into
something like a painting

palette- but for writing- out
of hot-glue,
and duct-tape-

So you can write around
as you walk," Lilith finishes her run
on sentence with a shrug, "Why

would I walk as I write?" Vesta's furrows
her brow.  "Because sitting is 
the new smoking, V!" Lilith slaps her

on the back, "And your posture
could use some tuning up.
This Way, I thought,

you could merge two
Crafts at once.  I know
how you Love to multi-

task.  V tests the new tool
out, "It's kind of fun,"
she Lights up, as she scrawls,

and paces around.  "I know,
right?"  Lilith smiles back.
"It's like dancing

with a partner," Vesta
giggles, as she does
a waltz with the book-board,

 journal and pen poised
in hand, "What's this
barcode, on the Red

inside?" Vesta asks.
"If it gets lost," Lilith shrugs,
"the Finder can send it

back to the Library."
"The details make
the perfect grip,"

Vesta appreciates.
"Let me try!" Mercury butts in.
"All parts of the box

were used, in the re-fashioning
of this object," Lilith proselytizes.
Mercury frowns, as he attempts

to write, "This does not
feel right..."  "That's because 
it's not," Lilith grins.

"It's for Leftys,"
Vesta snatches it back,
and clutches the book-board

tightly.  "Already so
attached, to my ugly,
little gift," Lilith grins wider.

"Your welcome, bitch,"
She slaps V on
the back again,

and swims
a Way.

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