THE MATH: (Sun + Cancer) SQUARE (Chiron + Aries) = relief, to touch a solid


Sunny calls Chiron

from his burner phone…

"Lately, everybody wants
a piece of me," Chiron sighs,
"It's overwhelming.  If I am
with people for too long, I lose

All sense of Self."  "Sounds like
an island problem," Sunny offers.
"An island problem?" Chiron wonders.
Sunny explains, "You can be

an island, or a wave, in
your attachment style.  Waves tend
to rush the shores
of the island people.

Are you sure these people
who want a piece of you,
are not your friends?" Sunny asks
the Wounded One.  "My Greatest

fear, is that I will be
devoured by the people
I Love," Chiron confesses.  "YUP,"
Sunny nods,  "You're an island."

"What are you?" Chiron asks him.
"I'm a switch," Sunny shrugs,
"I change, to accommodate 
the dynamic of the situation,

but right Now, I'm waving
with finesse.  You did not
even notice."  "What happens
when two islands meet?" Chiron

questions.  "It's like
that little Pixar film.  Two islands
cannot move towards One
another, so, when they Self

-isolate, they've got no one
'to lava'," Sunny tells him.
"What about two waves?"
Chiron carries on.

"They passionately embroil
or destroy One another," Sunny
sighs, "Once you accept
you are an island, a wave is a Great

friend, as the first to soften.
A wave can wash up
on your shore, build you a sandcastle
and wash it a Way, as their tide

rolls out again.  All you have to do
is throw a rock every Now
and then, if you feel like
your boundary is being

broken.  An island has
a lot of power, though it's hard
for him to See it."  "And why
is that?" Chiron asks.

"Because those who are
stranded at Sea, feel
relief, to touch a solid
Earth form."

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