THE MATH: (Astraea + Neptune CONJUNCT Pisces) = of Night, at risk


Astraea and Neptune
sit face to face
on the edges

of their respective
cubes, in the almost
full MoonLight.  Astraea holds up

an image, so Neptune can
See it.  "You know,"
Neptune squints, "It's difficult

to See, when you're so far
a Way..." Neptune trails
as he eyes the space

between their ice-cubes.
Astraea puzzles over
the gap, "I'm like,

2 feet a Way
from you.  I could
touch you, if I

wanted to," she whispers
back to him.  "So why
don't you?" Neptune leans in,

past the image, staring
into Astraea's eyes.
"Arachne says, 'We're good,'"

Astraea whispers, hypnotized.
Neptune sighs, drifting
back into his own

space, "Yes, yes.  You're 'Good
Girls', as you keep
telling me.  Do you ever

decide anything for yourSelves,
Astraea?"  Neptune wonders.
Astraea frowns at Neptune, hurt,

"I decided to show you this
map, in the Dead
of Night, at risk

of losing my place
in the Nymphdom.
So if you don't mind

ceasing to question,
whether or not my bravery
is 'Good' enough

for you,  we don't have
a lot of Time, and I'd like
you to take this in."

Neptune sighs again,
and furrows his brow
at the image, "Where

did you get this?"
"I swiped it off Selena,"
Astraea confesses.

"Why do you care if I See
it, or not?" Neptune asks her.
"Because you're on it,"

Astraea points to his glyph,
"And I like you, but I don't
trust you yet."

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