THE MATH: YOD : (Sun + Cancer & Uranus + Taurus) INCONJUNCT (Moon + Sagittarius) = fade into the Sun


…Moonie Speaks…

 "When you walk
a Way, are you

full, or are you
empty?  Do you feel

an impulse, to burn
down everything, because it is

easier?  Do you leave
first, so you cannot be

left?  Do you wait,
and watch a Lover

fade into the Sun
-set?  Do you mark

your path, in slime or pebbles,
to be discovered?  How

do you shed your life?  Like tears,
or leaves of paper?

Like hair clinging, and trailing
everywHere?  Like a snake,

taking off its skin, deliberately?
Like rain, wringing

from a cloud?
Do it again."

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