THE MATH: (Full Moon + Capricorn) = It’s a punk thing.


 Since I began this blog
a year-and-Change ago,
I've posted almost 600 Weaves,

story-telling planetary movements. 
Of those 600 Weaves, 195 of them
involve dialogue with Lilith.
I've chosen 13 excerpts
from Lilith's collection for 'GXSSIP GXDZ'
first paper 'Zine,

for release today, the 13th.
The first 13 copies come
with an oracle on the back of a Moon,

and can be purchased through my Etsy
shop, 'Planetary Signatures,'
for $13 USD.  This product is

without a digital avatar,
but can be shipped

Xx, J


"Congratulations," Lilith says,
"smacking a tower of envelopes
against V's desk,

"You've been published."
Vesta looks at the bundle
like it's infected, "What is it?"

she asks, without touching it.
"I wanted to call it,

but instead, I called it,
'GXSSIP GXDZ, Book of Lilith: Vol. 1,'
for the sake of the Forest Books,"

Lilith shrugs.  "Thank you..." Vesta trails,
as she picks One up, by a corner.  "Does this
mean there will be a Volume II?"

she asks, warily, "It means
you've been discovered, bitch!
You're welcome," Lilith crosses her

arms, "We don't really need
paper, Lilith," says V, "Our Library
is digital."  "What if,

the internet dies?"
Lilith asks,  "You told me,
to pick a craft, and tell

no one, so Here it is.
I'm a book-binder Now,
and we're publishing rogue.

It's a punk thing."

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