THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) SEXTILE (Mars + Taurus) = rose on the horizon,


Lilith writes Mars

a letter, from the Road…

When Moonie
rose on the horizon,
at first I thought she was

a neon Light, buzzing
with the fuel
signs, along the free

-Way.  Red, and full,
just like I knew she would be.
She chased me

through Kansas fields,
like ToTo after Dorothy.
She lost her apple

hue, as she lifted
behind a long dark cloud.
I paused at a rest

stop, to wait
for her, beside a Windy
prairie, and dreamed.  The crickets

woke me, in the cool
of morning, as Sunny
peaked his eye out

from under tall grass.
I looked for Moonie, high
in the sky Now, across

from him.  "Catch
up," she laughed.
I followed.

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