THE MATH: (Neptune Rx + Astraea Rx + Juno CONJUNCT Pisces) = better to embody her,


Neptune and Astraea

meet up, in the Dead

of Night again…

"Astraea darling, I need you
to reveal a Mystery to me," 
Neptune asks, as he
grabs her hands, across

their cubes.  She freezes,
looking down at them, "OK..."
she trails.  "Why,
does Arachne pretend,

to be Juno?" Neptune wonders
into Astraea's eyes.  "The Wife
is a complicated role
to play," Astraea whispers,

"There are so many
threads to hold, and historically
speaking, Hera was
a jealous, nagging, and vengeful

GXDXSS.  She wasted All
her Energy, trying to get back
at Jupiter," Astraea confesses,
hypnotized again.  "So you

All just gave her the boot?"
Neptune questions, "Women
are ruthless."  "Not intentionally,"
Astraea protests,

"It just kind of happened,
when the Nymphs were All
stuck on the Island.  Athena needed
relief from weaving, and Arachne was

the natural selection.  So she caught
a ride on the asteroid Juno,
to make the assist.  Athena was forced
to admit, Arachne is the better

sorceress.  Besides, Juno's glyph
kind of looks like a spider's
web, don't you think?"
"But Arachne is unmarried..."

Neptune trails.  "For Now,"
Astraea shrugs, "Nymphs grow up.
But marriage is not the point
of Juno.  She is the archetype

of a Powerful
woman.  And who
better to embody her,
than the mortal who weaves

whatever she wants?"

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