THE MATH: (Venus ENTERS Cancer) X (Mercury ENTERS Leo) = the guiding Light,” Venus says,


Venus calls Mercury,

as she rolls into Cancer…

"Hey," Venus calls.
"Hey," Mercury answers.
"I'm in your hood,"
she explains.

"I'm Dusting you,"
Mercury smirks.
"FINALLY!" Venus exclaims,
"I get to play the victim,"

she says, as she throws
the back of her hand
to her brow.
"Shut up," Mercury says,

"You know you don't care."
"I care!" Venus protests,
"I am in Cancer Now.
I'm very sensitive.  I care

a lot, but I also clam up,
at any inkling of potential
wounding."  "Don't forget
to weaponize your tears,

while you're at it," Mercury sneers.
"Not everyone can control
whether they cry or not,
in conflict, Mercury," Venus snaps

shut, "When will I See you
again?"  she changes
the subject.  "Close to the 21st night
of September, but people

will be blaming me
for everything, because
I'll be in retrograde, so
I won't exactly be

the Life of the party."
"Don't you think
that's kind of fucking annoying?"
Venus asks him, "Literally everyOne

will be retrograde, around
that Time."  "Mars won't,"
Mercury argues.  "Yeah, but,
Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn

Jupiter, Chiron, Vesta, Astraea, Arachne.
That's like, everybody.  How can they say
you are the culprit of their woes?"
"You won't be retrograde"

Mercury offers.  "Yes, I'll be
the guiding Light," Venus says,
"It's a good thing you'll have
me to hold onto at that Time."

"Yeah, but then
you'll Dust me," Mercury tells
her.  Venus sighs,
"Such is Life."

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