THE MATH: (White Moon + Saturn Rx CONJUNCT Aquarius) = arch-nemesis, uhh,


Selena busts into

the courtroom…

"Vesta says, she's living
on her own Time, from Now
on," Selena whispers to Saturn

from behind her hand.
"Are you tattling,
Little Good One?"

Saturn asks, amused.
Selena flushes pink,
"I'm just trying to play

by the rules, but nobody
ever includes me,"
"That's because, tattling

doesn't make you a good
playmate," Saturn explains.
"Enough about me,"

Selena shifts her weight,
and crosses her arms.
Does this not

concern you, Time-Daddy?"
Saturn smiles,
"There are nuances

you do not understand,
Selena.  Vesta can't
live on her own

Time, though she can
try to.  As her
arch-nemesis, uhh,

friend, it is my job
to let the tension play out."
"Her arch-nemesis-friend?"

Selena furrows her brow
at the phrase.  "Has anybody
told you about the birds,

and the bees yet,
Selena?" Saturn wonders.
"Like how to make

honey from my life?"
Selena cocks her head.
Saturn laughs, "Kind of.

Go ask Venus."
"Why can't you just
tell me?"  Selena stomps.

"Someone would arrest me,"
Saturn says, "Probably Lilith,
and her 'Vagina Vigilantes'."

"Fine," Selena sniffs,
"I'll ask Lilith."  "No!"
Saturn squeals.

"Why not?"  Selena's
eyes go wide.
"She's jaded," Saturn shrugs,

attempting to recover
himSElves in an Air of non
-chalance .  "Fine, I'll ask

VESTA," Selena flips her hair.
"I don't think she knows much
more than you, yet," Saturn grins.

"So if you can play
the game with her,
why can't you tell me

about it?"  Selena digs.
Saturn sighs, "There is
a difference, between not

knowing, and being too young
to be guided, with any kind of
real consent, Selena."

"Has anyone told you
you're annoying," Selena 
attempts to wound him

with her worst insult.
"Yes," Saturn nods, "Lilith,
All the Time."

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