THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Jupiter + Aries) = How dare I.


Lilith lets out some toxic fumes…

Lainie's Espresso Bar

"Young lady, you're in 
Roy's chair," a man my Daddy's age
addresses me, looking
like a reprimand.  He's mad,

because I chimed in on his
conversation, when he asked
if Lainie had taken
all her young female employees

to the strip club, and
the barista said, she'd taken them
to the Spa.  I laughed,
and said, "Not quite."

How dare I.
I do my best
to keep quiet on
the Road, but things

slip out.  They alWays have.
"Who's Roy?" I ask, not budging.
The coffee shop was empty
when I arrived.  I chose the seat

because I was cold,
and it was warm.  A comfortable
location for a singleton,
who didn't want to take up

too much space.  He chastises me,
for not knowing who Roy is,
and pulls the barista out
from behind the bar

to lecture me.  The barista,
graduated college in 2017.
He's worked Here, for 12 years.
He is Lainie's son.  The coffee shop

changed locations 2 years ago.
He feels bad, for anyone
born after the year 2004.
"We're cogs in a machine,

and tHere's no hope."
I've only been Here
One hour, but listening I know
that much.  And yet it's not enough

for the Sheriff of this Here
coffee shop.  "Put the tanned
and tattooed pixie in her place,"
he thinks.  The barista points

to a picture frame of Roy,
next to 'the chair', in 'the chair'.
He has an alcoholic's nose,
and looks like the kind of regular

I'd hate to serve, day in
and day out, trapped with him.
I say Nothing, as the Sheriff
talks to the barista about

the things he wants me to know
about Roy.  He's had a stroke.
"So Roy won't be coming
in today?"  I ask the Sheriff.

"No," he scoffs, "He's in Illinois,
but treat that chair
with respect," he nods,
seriously.  I give the Sheriff

my best-worst, 'Thank you officer'.
"Of course," I say flatly, as the daemon
in me, intentionally looks back
into my computer screen.

I can feel his eyes burning
into me.  Still, Hermann Missouri
is the cutest town
I've ever Seen.

And I mean that.

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