THE MATH: (True Lilith + Venus CONJUNCT Cancer) TRINE (Hygeia + Scorpio) = on their own. Minding


A Lovesick Hygeia

calls Lilith…

"Memories, just pop up
on their own.  Minding
my own business, I See her
face.  I imagine 

that will keep happening
for a while..." Hygeia sighs.
"It doesn't stop," Lilith shrugs,
"I still remember Adam, All

the Time."  "Really?" Hygeia
furrows, perplexed at the prospect.
"Yeah," Lilith says, "That's what
happens, when you really open.

You let another weave into
your braid.  Like today,
opening a motel room Door,
I remembered the Times

we drove across this country,
and how motel rooms alWays
scared Adam, because Nothing 
was ever clean enough

for him, including me.  And I
remembered how he fucked me,
in the shower," Lilith sighs,
"It doesn't hurt

anymore.  It stops hurting,
eventually, but you never stop
remembering.  It is your prize. 
You felt something,

once upon a Time.
You have Loved,
and that is brave,
and some day you will

Love again."  "No offense,
Lilith, but, you are not exactly
an example of someOne who
has Loved and lost, and come out

on top,"  Hygeia offers
skeptically.  Lilith smiles,
"It's a Myth, that I ever cared
about that.  I've alWays liked it

from behind."

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