THE MATH: (Vulcan + Sun CONJUNCT Cancer) OPPOSITE (Pluto + Capricorn) = a daemon, for saying so


…Sunny takes Handi-Hyde

for a cool-off walk…

"Jealousy will eat you
aLive, if you can covet
even someOne else's memories.

Jealous of the fact
she remembers him,
and not you.  Jealous

of what she was
given, and you were not,
as if she is to blame

for All that is wrong
in your life.  Jealous
of her pretty fucking

face.  Jealous
of her brains.  You're jealous,
Handi-Hyde.  I have been

jealous too, 
making mySelves
into a bitter, toxic Fool,

alWays saying what
I'll never do, and then
doing it again, two hours later,

because I was jealous.
So, she wrote about Adam,
and not you.  Jealousy

will eat you  aLive,
when you covet
even someOne else's

memories."  He passes
the HandiOne a letter,
from Lilith's vault. 

"Congratulations, you earned
a poem.  She wrote it weeks ago,
but decided not to send it.

You've gotten her attention,
but not the kind
you wanted..."

…Lilith’s letter…

Dear Handiboi,

I have wasted
much of my life
being 'nice'

to assholes like you,
at my own expense.
They weaponize

my anger, when it finally
rises up to meet them.
"Fuck your nice

Words!  You are
just an evil bitch!"
You say, as if

I have betrayed you,
because I will no longer
take your violence

up my ass.
I have never
pretended to be

anything I was not.
EveryOne has
their breaking point,

and I have been
by your daily stream

of one sentence emails,
long enough.  You tell
me, I don't deserve peace.

Yeah,  I'm fucking
mad, and I think you are

And if that makes me
a daemon, for saying so,
I'll live with it.


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