THE MATH: (Venus + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) = like an apple


Venus walks in

and blows the whistle…

"I'm putting you in
Time-out," Venus says.
"What!" Lilith yells,

"That's fucking bullshit,"
she kicks Dust.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm the bad guy,"

Venus waves her a Way,
immune, "Listen, it's fine,
when you drop in, but

you have this tendency
to dominate.
You stay too long, 

like an apple
rotting on the branch."
"Usually apples drop off

before that happens,"
Lilith argues.  "Exactly!"
Venus exclaims, "So drop

off, would you!  We're conjunct.
We're supposed to share
the stage, and so far

I haven't gotten a Word in.
You're just suddenly trying
to speak for me."  "SomeTimes,

conjunctions just vie
for attention," Lilith shrugs,
"Like siblings who are not

given any."  "That's not
how I do things, Lilith,"
Venus replies softly.

"But it's how I do things,"
Lilith stares at her blankly.
"Oh my GXDZ," Venus holds

her brow.  Lilith smiles,
"Do you have a headache?"
"No," Venus snaps out

of it, with an arm extended,
and a pointed finger, "Time-out.
Now.  Back to the forest

with you," she shoos.  "Fine,"
Lilith says, kicking the Door
frame, "Fucking wet blanket.

Vesta, would never do this
to me," Lilith laments, victimized.
"Well, Vesta, isn't Here, is she?"

Venus says, icily.

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