THE MATH: (Venus + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) X (Ceres + Cancer OPPOSITE Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = make it Heart to Heart


Lilith goes

to the GXDXSS circle…

I lock eyes with the Crone,
across the circle,
as it closes.  I walk

to her, and give her a hug.
She retired today, from helping
people die.  Tomorrow she's teaching

children, about stepping stones,
and asking for help.
"I just wanted to say,

hello," I smile.  She asks me
for another One, "but this Time,
make it Heart to Heart."

She strokes my face,
and looks into my eyes
as I talk to her.  She thinks

I'm young.  She knows
I'm old.  She raises
a finger to the Air.

She rummages amongst her
things, and surfaces with
a purple pen.  "Will you be

a part of my Purple Pen Club?"
she offers it to me, "It is 
my color, of transformation."

I smile, "I write in purple
too.  My pen is
almost out of ink."

Her eyes go brighter,
"Write your name, on this page
in my book, with All

the things I am grateful for.
Today, you are One
of them."  I didn't cry,

when I scrawled it
then, but Now
I'm sobbing.

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