THE MATH: (N. Node + Uranus + Mars CONJUNCT Taurus) = to push me into Life.”


Uranus peeks through

his telescope, as Mars

approaches the North Node…

 "The squeeze is on.
What are you

going to do about it?
Are you going to

do anything about it?
Or are you going

to let it push you out,
like a baby, crowning?

SomeTimes, there are Times
when little goes

your Way, because it is
going its own Way.

You don't have to
trust it, but it helps

if you do.  Events fall
apart.  Events come

together.  Whine,
All the Way

if you want to,
but you will be

more satisfied, if you
can look back, later,

and say, 'I trusted birth
to push me into Life'."

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