THE MATH: (N. Node + Uranus + Mars CONJUNCT Taurus) = timber, by the roots,


…Destiny tells

Uranus a Tale, while

they wait for Mars…

"He doesn't know
when it happened,
he just knows

he is in
Love with her,
and that makes him

uncomfortable.  He speaks 
of moving towards her,
and she wonders if it is

a trap.  She chooses
to ignore those Words,
-the Ones that glint

like gold glimmers
of hope.  She wonders
if she can afford

to reach out,
and touch them.
She leans back,

"better not."  She has
been bitten One too many
Times.  It will take

more than a few
kind images, to build
a house for Love,

in the Apple Tree.
She leaves him
timber, by the roots,

wHere he can find it."

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