THE MATH: (Venus + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) = to my GXDZ. The Night


Lilith watches

the Moon enter Leo…

"I haven't been on birth
control, since I was 22.
And if I am paying attention,
I can feel the egg

thread itSelf, through
the tiny fucking tube.
If I'm a healthy weight,
my boobs will grow

a whole cup size,
when I'm 'peaking' in week 2.
Estrogen, makes you
juicy for the boys,

before it makes you
mind-numbingly depressed,
as it spills into your bloodstream,
and  progesterone takes over.

Do not pick a fight with me,
the week before I bleed.
I will sacrifice you
to my GXDZ.  The Night

before I shed, I know
because my womb
will ache.  The first Day,
is like a grace

period.  The second Day,
is like a karmic payback
for those I've slain
in my 'pick a fight' phase.

SomeTimes, it's Light.
SomeTimes, my uterine
lining rakes it's fingernails
across the walls, as it is dragged

out of it's cave.  I have
never missed a bleed,
since I started having them.
It doesn't matter how

stressed, or how skinny
I get.  I don't know 
if that means I'm fertile,
or a daemon.  Women tell me,

I don't have 'child
bearing hips', but they alWays
compliment me on my cherry

The ache is on.
The Moon soon new.
A bloody One, from me,
to you."

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