THE MATH: (Mercury + Moon CONJUNCT Leo) = and tingles, burning


Moonie teaches Mercury

how to tend a Fire…

"If you wrap yourSelves
in Fire smoke, Nothing bites
you.  But your eyes

will redden, and your nose
will run, and you'll lose
your appetite.  You can watch

a Fire burn, for hours,
like a cowboy TV.
And you'll have to,

if you've built it
on your lonesome.  Fire
cannot go untended,

even as it dies,
or you will be the next
asshole on the news,

who burned down
a whole forest, because
he wanted to eat

s'mores, and fell asleep.
You can pour Water
on a Fire, and hear

the satisfying sizzle,
as you choke
the Fire out.

Fire doesn't die.
It just shows up
somewHere else.

In a different Space.
In a different Time.
Like the candle that you

read by, or the warmth
that begins in your groin
and tingles, burning

up your spine, as you
lay awake, in bed,
on Fire." 

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