THE MATH: (N. Node + Uranus + Mars CONJUNCT Taurus) = boring. Peace can be


Mars talks to himSelves,

as he walk the endless

meadow, towards Destiny…

Not everyone Loves
Peace, because it is

boring.  Peace can be
a torture, for the dramatized
soul, who only knows

they are aLive when
they feel the Cycle,
going up, or going down,

-Fighting, to kiss and make up
with themSelves, because
that's what their parents taught

them.  Yelling and repenting,
becomes as predictable
as Peace, if you

watch the Wheel
go round and round,
for long enough.

You can do things
with Peace.  You can
read a book.

You can learn a skill.
But you need a little Chaos,
to discover and create

something new.
A little angst, goes
a long Way, if you

have got somewHere
constructive, to channel
your pressure through.

You don't need to
place your Fire in Other
people's laps, because it hurts you

to hold onto it.   Anger,
becomes a fuel you burn,
that eventual propels you,

into Peace."

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