THE MATH: (Venus + Lilith CONJUNCT Cancer) TRINE (Vesta Rx + Pisces) = your Heart through mine.”


Lilith interrupts Vesta

because she misses her…

"V, wHere the fuck
have you been?  What
the fuck are you reading?"

"'Andy's Little Red Book
of Little Red Flags,'" V answers, "I found
it, in the Library.  You actually

have a lot of them," Vesta tells
Lilikoi.  Lilith smirks,
"Like what?"

"Like tattoos, and you've been
divorced," V whispers.
"Adam and I were

never married, V,"
Lilith tells her.  "Oh..." V falters,
"Do you think the Church knows?"

"Ya, V," Lilith rolls her eyes,
"That's why the cult
had no problem, kicking me

out.  V, listen to me,"
she takes the little
red book a Way from Vesta,

and replaces it with her own
tattooed hands, "tHere's alWays
going to be someOne

who has a judgement to pass
on your image, constructing
a 'good' reason

to lock you out
of their vision -or a faulty
projection, that lets you in.

You can waste your Life
Seeing yourSelves through
anOther's eyes.

So if you're going to See
yourSelves, some Way
besides your own,

I prefer you See
your Heart through mine."
"OK, Lilith," Vesta smiles,

then exclaims, "Oh!
While your Here,
Pluto bought you a Blade.

I showed him the gift
you made me, and he 
didn't want you to be

without a sword."  Vesta
pulls a pocket knife
from the folds of her dress.

"It's inscribed," Vesta beams.
Lilith reads the blade:
'Lili di' Amore'

"But I thought I was
the Silver Dagger?"
Lilith says puzzled.

"You can update your weapon,
if you want to," Vesta giggles,
"It came with a note." She hands it

to Lilith.  'Thanks for being
a multi-faceted
tool.'"  Lilith frowns,

"That sounds, like a back-handed
compliment.  "Shut up," V slaps
the back of Lilith's hand.

Pluto Loves you.
Don't read
so much into it."

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