THE MATH: (N. Node + Uranus + Mars CONJUNCT Taurus) = of natural space.” “You’re a guest


 Mars meets Destiny
and Uranus, in the Clue
Mansion Gardens, beading sweat,
dragging the pot of shit
behind him...

"You're tearing up
the grass," Uranus remarks,
watching Mars effort,
"The golfers won't like it."

"Good," Mars says, crustily,
"You should be planting native
species anyWays.  Golf greens,
are a fucking waste

of natural space."  "You're a guest
Here, Mars," Uranus says
as he blinks at him,
"You'll never become

a preferred member,
in the pro-shop, with an attitude
like that."  "I give no shits,"
Mars claps back at him.

"I See..." trails Uranus,
"You're not into Peace."
"I'm into Peace," Mars protest,
"I just think golf is some elitist

fucking bullshit."  "Mars,
you look pale," chimes in Destiny.
"It's the stupid fucking Leprechaun,
draining me, of All

my blood," Mars whines.  "Let him
loose, in the sheep pastures," Uranus
suggest, as he gestures to them.
tHere are plenty of warm bodies

he can suckle tHere."  "I can't
let him out Here," Mars grumbles.
"Why not?"  Uranus wonders.
"Because you're Here," Mars nods,

at Uranus, "And the Nymphs
wouldn't like it."  "I'm pretty sure
reeking havoc in the Garden
is exactly what they wanted,"

Uranus counters.  "But what if
it's not what I want?" Mars questions.
Uranus shrugs, "You're just
the Delivery Boi."

"I'm a man, not a boi,
Uranus," Mars darkens.
"You're more like a perpetual
23-year-old.  Lusty, Lovesick,

and confused about your role
in the World," Uranus teases
as he puffs on his pipe.
Mars looks to Destiny,

"Does he have to be Here?"
Destiny blinks, "I am not
your Mother."  Mars holds
his head, "OMG,

WTF am I even doing
Here?"  Destiny leans over
his shoulder, "When is the last Time
you read the Tao, buddy?

You seem like you might need to
be rebooted."  "I'm not Vesta!"
Mars yells.  "What's wrong
with being Vesta?" Destiny asks.

"Don't talk to me
like I'm a fucking robot,"
Mars crosses his arms.
"Uhmmm, Mars..." Destiny trails,

but Mars has begun to rave.
"Everyone treats me
like I'm a stupid fucking fuck up."
"Mars..." Destiny tries again.

"Criticizing every move I make,
rather than taking any action
of their own.  Like anyone
actually has this shit

figured out."  "Mars!"
Destiny shouts.  "What bitch?"
She scowls at him, pointing
at the pot of shit, silently.

It's lid is off, and Keebir is
nowHere to be Seen.  Uranus
slurps a lemonade, "Ahhh,
refreshing... Would you like some?"

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