THE MATH: (Jupiter Rx + Aries) SEMISEXTILE (Vesta Rx + Pisces) = to be done about it.”


Jupiter schedules

an appointment

in Vesta’s bedroom

-therapy books….

 "Thanks for taking me
on such short notice,"
Jupiter wipes his brow

as he lays down on V's davenport,
"These sessions come highly
recommended."  "No problem,

Jupey," Vesta says, as she sits
down, in a chair behind him,
"What seems to be

the query, beLoved?"
"Do you ever wonder
if you are a narcissist?"

Jupiter begins.
"Ya," Vesta shrugs, "All
the Time.  I even ask

Other people, if I am One.
You know, because I am
alWays writing about mySelves."

"What do they say?"
Jupiter wonders.
"They say no," Vesta shrugs again,

"And that narcissists do not
ask that question.  But I wonder
if that's true...

-And they could be lying.
At the end of the Day,
it just seems like a Word

we use, to wound eachOther.
Most creatives are
a little Self

-involved.  You have to be
the center of your
Universe, if you want to

build a World.  They tell me,
after countless years
of putting everyOne else's 

needs before my own,
it makes sense, I might
think, that thinking

about mine, might be a mortal
sin.  But maybe
they're just trying to make me

feel better..." Vesta finishes,
drifting off.  "This isn't making
me feel better," Jupiter frowns,

"So you don't think
you're a narcissist?"
Vesta sighs, "I am

who I am.  People say
All kinds of things
to peg you to their cross,

Jupiter.  Some people
will never like you,
and tHere is Nothing 

to be done about it."
"Okay..." Jupiter trails,
and sits up, "Thanks,

I guess, Vesta."
"No problem," she smiles,
and Sees him out.

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