THE MATH: (N. Node + Uranus + Mars CONJUNCT Taurus) = until we belong


Destiny hands Mars a glass

of lemonade, wHere he sits

on the edge of the Garden

Labyrinth, cooling off…

"I pass by couples 
at campsites, bickering.
Dyads, scattered

in the dusk, like scenes
in a lonely man's head,
asking eachOther questions,

to tell eachOther
Stories.  EveryOne is
a character, in someOne

else's book.  You can
talk to yourSelves, or
you can talk

to Other people, or you
can talk to Other people's
Stories.  Isn't that All

we are ever doing,
anyWays?  We take
eachOther's ideas,

and turn them inside
out.  We mind
fuck eachOther

until we belong
to something else.
In your case, a beLoved

and dysfunctional pantheon,
with a bunch of baby
GXDZ running around.

We make lemonade,
Mars.  We only have this

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