THE MATH: (True Lilith + Cancer) OPPOSITE (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) =him for All he is


Lilith speaks

to Love itSelf…

"tHere is a man
I Love, who is

scared to accept it,
because he thinks

I might try to take
him for All he is

worth, and he only thinks
he's worth 100 dollars.

He thinks I'd shred him
to bits, just to have

kindling, for a Fire.
He tells me I am chump

change, like coins
you find in the gutter.

I know him Well
enough, to tell you,

he'll read this, and think
about writing a poem

mocking the idea,
that he is scared,

by mocking me, and Love
itSelf.  "Dangerous," he says,

"We're dangerous, and
I don't think I'd last."

Like a high-school boy,
losing his virginity.  Like I care

about that.  It's weird
to believe, in a Heart

you can't See.  "I know
you," I told him, when

I met him, in the Library.
He chose not to remember

me.  So I let him go,
but he keeps coming

back to me, and somehow
he thinks, we won't last.

But I know I'll See him
Here, tomorrow,

at the crazy-glue
clock.  He broke it, to make

sure he could stop
Time, and I could never

leave.  And I don't care
anymore, if he ever

sends Love back
to me.  That's not the point

of Loving a body.
I'm not embarrassed.

I'm not wounded.
I'm not scared.

If All I am is
a copper coin, I would melt

for him, but I can't be
burned -and I'm pretty

good, at conducting
electricity.  Watch out!

I might Love you
until the Day

you die, and what a danger
that would be."

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